Travel in New Normal

Pandemic and Travel

Since the beginning of 2020 Covid has changed so many things globally and have impacted individual life drastically. Almost a year now and people has learn new things in order to survive and now trying to live life much better in order to forget bad phase of life though still struggling and now till now no clue when and how things will get normal path.

Now everyone has to survive in dynamic environment with new normal and have to set a new plan for daily life. Travel is also one key factor of everyone’s life hence new rules have to applicable even a travel from home to office.

Due to covid effect people had to stay back home and after living kind of jailed life over a quarter people want to live their life freely and want a change in life hence looking for options for travel with the new rules but sometime more concern about safety and securities for themselves and their loved one.

Now whenever you have a thought in your mind to travel but due to pandemic fear you are not able to make-up your mind you need to consider few points.

Acceptance of change

Now new normal is thumb rule for doing everything hence first of all you need to make up your mind to accept the reality  and need to change yourself with dynamic environment so that you can make your life normal and as early as you accept it  is more easy to cope up with the situation.

Selection of Destination

There are so many destinations in India and all over the world which are less popular but much better than renowned destination (a brand name). this selection will not only keep you away with crowded locations but also a less costly affair for you. There are so many destinations from mountains to sea shore and wildlife & adventure to cultural & heritage or as per individual choice.

Selection of Transportation

While you select domestic destination you may also worried to select transportation mode that which is the safest way of transport. Usually self-driven vehicle is a good choice but not possible for everyone as you may not have your transport, you don’t prefer to drive due to own reasons or destination may be far away. In that case chose a direct way of transport instead of using multiple ways for example you are traveling Kolkata from Mumbai you can take a direct flight but if you traveling to Auli from Mumbai take a direct train to Haridwar and cab from Haridwar to Auli instead of taking a flight to Delhi and then changing to train from Delhi to Haridwar and further taking a taxi. Once you board in train keep your area clean.

Travel Insurance and other medical facilities

Since you traveling in pandemic hence its advicebale to keep insurance even in domestic travel and keep a list of covered hospitals or doctors at destination and major locations on the way to destination.

Also keep basic medicine with you and for specific medicine please keep doctor’s prescription in case of travel abroad.


You may choose any hotel or homestay as per your budget but it is always recommended that keep your personal hygiene on priority and ensure to keep sanitizer spray along with wet tissues and hand wash.always ask hotel or stay to clean the room timely (ensure to keep your valuable items with you only). Keep using mask and other safety measures timely.

Emergency contacts

Please keep all emergency numbers with you like family members, hotel or travel agents coz you never know when you need it and keep contact of Indian embassy in case of foreign destination.

Your steps towards acceptance of reality is to make your life normal and only way to enjoy like a normal and ensure to be responsible  to keep all safety measures even after vaccine in place.

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