Tourism and Environment

Tourism and Environment –a Feel of joy with the sense of Responsibility

A feel of enjoyment always comes in mind whenever we think about travel. We always prepare our travel and keep all necessary things related to travel from bookings to clothes and we try to get more and more information about the destination so that we should not face any issues while we are in the trip but mostly we do not even think about our own responsibilities not only as a tourist but also as human.

Usually people do not bother about keeping area clean except their homes rather do not hesitate to throw garbage anywhere. During the trip whatever tourist buy they consume immediately and throw packets or covers on streets or wherever they are like gardens, forest, beaches or mountains.

With the increment of tourism worldwide there are so many sites have been developed. Usually those developments are in place to increase of income for government and local people but those developments are also increasing other unidentified threats such as pollution, threats to local environment and wildlife and other related issues. A large number of destinations are now full with garbage even now highest part of the world Mount Everest is also facing this issue. During a cleaning mission, team has gathered tons of garbage from there which was thrown by mountaineers and their helpers during their visits.

People also put waste items in rivers and even in sea and it directly affecting the fishes and other water animals and its environment and a million tons of garbage is floating in the water.

We have also seen that with the increment of tourism to popular destination traffic become a large issue and we have seen that hours have been wasted just to reach to destination or to back from the destination. Manali, one of the most popular destinations in India faces the traffic issue in every year during the peak time.

Shimla another popular site have faced a water crisis during 2018 because of large number to tourism activities. Also we have seen that court have also put bans on water sports and activities in rishikesh due to increment of water pollution and threats to environment.

A large number of people visiting wildlife parks and encountering with wildlife animals like tigers, leopards ,elephants and other dangerous animals and such increments in wildlife tourism given a threats to people who are living near the wildlife or biosphere reserve and we have seen a clash between wildlife animal  and local people since animal are now used to it.

There are large numbers of example where we have seen a lot of issue due to increment of tourism activities and finally tourist and related stakeholders are suffering a lot.

Now while we talk about the problems we can also see a solution where everyone have a win-win situation and no one face any issues and with the sense of responsibilities and willingness we can try to overcome with the situation and create a healthy environment.

There are some tips which you may consider while you plan your next trip with your family or friends

Selection of Destination

Usually people chose a popular destination as their dream destination. We understand that there are few destination which cannot be replaced like if you want to see the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal you cannot chose any other destination or want to visit some religious sites which cannot be replaced too but you can try to replace those destinations which you are planning to visit to enjoy with family such as a most popular hill site to a less know hill site or a most popular beach to a less known beach or same with popular wildlife destination to less known wild destination. This selection will help not only you to know about new things but also help locals to increase their income and largely that distribution will definitely help to decrease pollution in popular sites and will also help in other ways like water issues, less people less garbage etc.

Sense of Responsibility

A sense of responsibility is much needed not only while you are on a trip but its even required in normal daily life. We have seen that people throwing garbage everywhere except in dustbin or designated places. People required to ensure that do not use any unnecessary things anywhere or only use if much needed and ensure to keep the garbage only with you. A sense of responsibility will help to keep everything clean and helpful. A small idea will definitely help to improve pollution impact. There so many small destination where local people are also trying to educate tourist to use dustbins. For example in rishikesh even a small tea seller or a small panipuri vendor is keeping a small dustbin with themselves and encourage user to use the same.

We have largely seen that people throwing wine/beer bottles on roads or in jungles or a riverside and later its hurting people or animals while they go thru that path or locations and a become a headache for local authorities. People have to decide that in which environment they want to visit since it may hurt even to the person who is actually dumping the same.

Next time whenever you are on a tour or even just passing thru a road or enjoying any party please ensure to keep all garbage separately and later dump it on designated areas or bins.

Use of Local Foods

Though people want to visit remote places but do not want to compromise with their food habits and do not want to eat local foods due to different own reasons hence availability of packed food items or easy cooked items (biscuits, Maggie etc) along with packed drinking water have been increased largely and impacting huge volume of garbage and resulting environment pollution.  Though local vendors arrange bins but it is not enough and they also do not understand the huge impact coz of this. In Kedarnath almost 70000 tourist have visited in a quarter of 2019 season so you can  imagine use of plastic on that glacier site where no dumping facility or  less facilities are available and due to non-availability of waste management how badly its impacting local environment. On other hand use of local food will decrease demand of packed food on local sites

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