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Being working in immigration and travel  profession for almost 14 years I have understand few basic points which is a deciding factor while visa officer making his decision (though they never give you any reason for their decision ). Here I am mentioning few points which can be considered while you are filling your DS 160 form.

Decision is purely based on the DS160 and Q&A since they rarely checked your documents although they have rights to ask any documents at any point of time.

Below points are mainly for B1 (Business visa) though I have mentioned tourist visa for few points as well. Reason for not mentioning tourist visa in each case as there are so many types of tourist visa which is purely based on case to case basis so need to review person profile before advising them best options. I have also tried to give better examples so that you can understand my point of view.

1- Your Work Profile or Nature of your Job-

  • This is most important factor since your work is only factor to decide your income and your status. Since there are different levels in same kind of work from an intern to a senior level position.
  • Your work profile as per your experience is very important and must be as per your industry standards and also your salary or income must be as per the same or higher than standards and must not be under paid.
  • Another example- you are working in an IT company on a mid-level position but nature of job is Sales, HR or Finance so chances of rejection are less than an engineer on same level (an engineer is a prime worker for an IT company and it is assume that his role do not require much technical discussion which cannot be taken care thru other means of support like phone,VC until he/she is showing a profile which actually need a face to face discussion which are more important for policy making or impacting higher level of business)
  • Another example is if a doctor or any professional is mentioning that he/she is going to attend a conference in US or for a meeting there are very rare chances that he/she will start having his/her own practice but for the job where work can be done by any means of support (by laptop etc) chances of rejection are very high
  • If you are having your own business and would like to apply for business visa you need to show better ties with your potential customer and should have a better running business in India.

2- Education Background-

  • Education is important for primary applicant in terms of applying business visa or L1 visa reason his/her highest education should be connected to profession.. eg an engineer graduate is good for technical discussion or work but if in addition also done with MBA so it may affect his/her technical skill (visa have been rejected on the same specially L category)

3- Income/ Source of Income-

  • Income plays an important role and should be as per the experience. Average income as per your experience shows that you have experience but not highly skilled otherwise you must be getting higher salary though you are saying that you are very important for the project (if you are important why your organization is not paying higher than average prevailing wages)
  • For tourist or other categories income is important to show how you will be able to take care yourself to meet out your daily expenses. Income must be in ratio of number of days you going to stay. Eg. if you earn 10 lakhs rs PA so you have to calculate the same in USD and than you have to see that that calculated amount is sufficient to stay for number of days you mentioned in visa form (10 lakhs inr is sufficient to stay 10 days but not for 30 days or more)

4- Who is facilitating invite or business partner

  • Language used on invite is very important while preparing invite. Should mention about the inviting company first and then ties with applicant  or company ,profile of applicant and reason of inviting applicant and a repatriation clause along with expense details.
  • Your inviting company or person is also an important factor for deciding your visa approval or rejection.  If you are going to have meetings with a big market player chances of visa are very high.
  • If you are going to meet your own counterpart or peers are and showing internal business or technical discussions chances of visa comparatively higher than mentioning meeting with client (largely applicable for applicants in a lower or mid-level employees or support function employees)
  • If invite is for tourist visa inviting person must mention a clear relationship and reason of inviting to the applicant. Should also mention repatriation clause and must mention that all expense must be taken care by applicant only and will stay with inviting person at his/her residence for a period of….also should provide his/her passport copy along with visa copy (applicable if inviting person is not a citizen of US)

5- Personality traits

  • How applicants carry himself / herself while going for an interview and must wear formals only. Also should know that what kind of formals actually suites your personality and your profile. For females there are so many options for formals (sarees, suites or other formal dresses) so must take care which is most suitable to her personality.
  • How you carry yourself while you are at interview counter. Do not seems to be panic, low confident or over confident
  • Communication skill is more important coz this is the only way you make visa officer understand that who you are and what you are going to do in US. If your communication skill is average please keep a practice coz I have seen so many people who have worked positively on their skill got the visa.
  • Use appropriate words and do not use abbreviation of the words

6- Documents   

  • Carry documents as mentioned in DS160 form
  • Do not carry any original documents except passport
  • Carry copy of invite, your highest degree copy, and experience certificate.
  • Marriage and birth certificate in case applying tourist visa or work visa with family.
  • In case embassy ask for any documents and you are not carrying the same, you can request them to give you time to produce the same and they will give you time.
  • Applicants accompanying children (in case you do not have any option to keep them out side embassy as there is no presence required below 14 years) can carry baby food for them in a transparent bags or any essential item. I suggest here to go with children coz application will be priorities by embassy.

There are so many factors while deciding visa approvals by a visa officer and depends person to person hence it is required by applicant to consider all the points while filling up DS160. You can fill as many DS160 as per your choice but it is advicebale to only fill one DS160 and keep saving the same and only submit once you are sure that all information are given is correct. Do not hide anything while preparing application. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me on in case you need any further guidance for the same or any other category or any other country visa.

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